My Summer 2018 Anime

This anime season is, I think, around about the halfway point. I’ve not been watching as many ongoing series as I did last season, but the ones I’m watching have been good. It’s nice, I never seem to pick up and anime and hate it, although one this season did come very close to getting dropped.

Angels of Death was the aforementioned anime that I nearly dropped, but having never done that before I didn’t want to. The premise struck me as interesting, a girl befriends a psychopath and they need to escape a tower of death, and episode 1 was excellent. It really made me empathise with Ray, who is trying so desperately to stay alive. But then she becomes emotionless and somewhat mindless, losing all personality and, as Zack says, being a very boring character. But give it a few episodes and things get better. The relationship between the two become less of Zack awkwardly banging his head against a human-shaped brick wall, and the two become a good team who you can tell actually care for one another. As the series is progressing, Ray’s innocence is really coming into question, and while I have a good idea of what actually happened in her past, I’ll be interested to see if I’m right. And of course, whether Zack will actually be able to kill her in the end after the journey they’ve had together should they escape.

Happy Sugar Life is one which doesn’t seem to have proven popular, which is a real shame. I mainly watched it to also try and convince my brother to do so (as somehow he finds yanderes attractive), and having never watched Mirai Nikki and so not seen one, I was interested. Satou is a surprisingly relatable character aside from the fact she has murdered people. She is charming, but manipulative, and knows what she wants and how to get it. The anime does a very good job of portraying mental illnesses, particularly PTSD, but it also shows that everyone is hiding and fighting against something, which is a very good message to be reminded of.

Attack on Titan season 3 has been very different, but in a way that I much prefer. I did enjoy the last two series, however it was getting to the stage where there were just too many unsolved mysteries and questions popping up that it was resembling my awful unplanned writing which makes up less and less believable revelations as time goes on. To have space now to take a step back and just have the humans move against each other has been refreshing. Having a very morbid imagination, the scenes of bloody death and torture have not been in any way discouraging, in fact I have quite enjoyed them. I’ve much preferred the intrigue and politics we have had this season, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

Seven Senses of the Re-Union is one that caught my eye when trailers were floating around my newsfeed on facebook. I’ve always loved game-based anime such as SAO, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, and having a very interesting premise of a dead person living in the game certainly caught my attention. It’s not just the plot that has made this one of my favourites this season, but also the spectacular visuals, and the soundtrack, both of which are much more akin to a movie than a regular series. Episode 7 had some particularly impressive shots. I’ve also loved the character designs, particularly Haruto. In addition, the anime flows excellently and really knows the best place to end each episode to get the balance of conclusion and anticipation right.

Cells at Work is an anime I didn’t initially plan to watch, but after seeing so much of it floating around I had to check it out to see what all the hype was about, and it certainly hasn’t disappointed. Cell biology is something I have very briefly come into contact with in my PhD and it’s something I really want to learn more of. This anime has not only provided me with that, but it’s been very entertaining. The main red blood cell character is charming, and all the characters are very distinctive yet fit together well. My favourites have been the macrophages, who act like I would if I had such power, and helper T-cell who tries very hard to be a serious commander yet doesn’t always quite get it right. And fat cell, her episode was hilarious. Cells at Work has struck an excellent balance between being factually accurate, funny, plot-driven, bloody, and moving, that I think it will appeal to any anime fan. There really is something in it for everyone.

I have seen that people have now started coming to my site from another anime blog, which is quite humbling. I don’t always post a lot of anime content, but I always put in effort to it when I do and it’s nice some people appreciate it, so I’ll be sure to do it more regularly.

What do you think of my anime list for this season, and my takes on the animes themselves? Are there any others you would recommend I watch? I’d love to hear.

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