Having Fun with Japanese DIY Kits

I subscribe to Tokyo Treat, which sends yummy Japanese goodness to me once a month, and I was lucky enough to join at their two year anniversary and as such get $5 off every box for life. One of the things they include in every box, and one thing I somehow forget to do a lot of the time, is a really fun DIY kit.

These are where you make your own candies and yummy goods. I’ve made toffee apple dango, choco-banana pops, chocolate mochi, Pokémon lollies and milkshake to name a few.

Today’s one was my most adventurous yet, but seeing it on my floor again this evening made me do it, it’s the taiyaki and odango kit which contains four yummy things to make: strawberry daifuku, taiyaki, ramune soda, and dango. I didn’t know what the former was, but it was yummy that’s for sure. The instructions are clear, but I’m lucky I can read Japanese and so saw when I had accidentally used the ramune mix rather than the mochi, as the bag colours weren’t the same as on the instructions.

The end result didn’t quite look like the box, but it was certainly yummy. I also know I’ll manage better next time having done it before and making a few mistakes like having some strawberry powder fall into the wrong mould, which can’t have helped.

Taking some time out of my week to do something fun like this is something I need to do more often and stop forgetting to do, as these things are piling up more quickly than I can do them. My next Tokyo Treat box just arrived and I’ve barely dented the previous one xD

It also reminds me of all the yummy things that are in Japan and why Japan is such an interesting country. Nowhere else has such snacks like what I made this evening. I’ve been pursuing my Japanese lately too, I attended an advanced Japanese lesson last week. I was able to follow the conversation well enough and contribute, however they then started using “kangou” which is when you use words with kanji in place of those that don’t have them, and as I didn’t know the kanji most of the time, I couldn’t really participate in that section.

The teacher said it would be fine for me to continue with the class given how I found it, however the problem is that the class is currently full. Which is weird as there were only six of us including me and that seemed like a good number. She said she’ll be in touch should a space come up. The classes are every other week and given that next week I’m away at a friend’s birthday and then I’m off to visit Japan and other places until the end of  September, it’s no loss that there isn’t a space yet and hopefully that gives time for one to become available by the time I return. I do still need to keep my goal of the Daiwa scholarship in mind though when I’m doing this, as I don’t want to become ineligible for it. But that’s a conversation for further down the line.


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